In this topic (Husband Returns Home Late Night)

In this topic (Husband Returns Home Late Night) we are going to discuss the Problems for those Wives whose Husband spend the most of time out of house and come home late night. There may be several reasons, for example Free Istikhara is solve all problems e.g. Man Pasand Shadi , Pasnad Ki Shadi , Talaq Ka Masla , Rohani Ilaj , Black Magic , Love Marriage , Divorce problem , Visa Problem , Exam Problem , Taweezat , Amliyat . The affliction to Sun also indicates formidable opposition to the marriage from parents with financial authority and ambitions which may cause wrecking of career or the women may be abandoned by her husband causing unhappiness, separation and divorce. She may suffer from diseases, irreligious and delayed marriage. Such a women will hate sex acts, which may also become a cause for separation. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun will reduce the evil effects to some extent. In Chinese Astrology known as Four Pillars of Destiny, a person’s birth chart or Ba Zi is governed by four pillars representing the energies we are infused with at the time of our birth. These pillars are embedded with our destiny codes which comprises the five elements of the universe i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements represent many aspects of our lives such as wealth, health, relationship and love, amongst other aspirations. Whether we are blessed or cursed when it comes to these aspirations depends on the interplay of the foregoing elements in our Ba Zi birth chart over the course of our lives. Besides our birth chart, the other Chinese art of metaphysical science better known as Feng Shui can also help us to activate our love life in association with our Ba Zi birth chart. Istikhara For Marriage And The secret lies in the Chinese zodiac. By knowing our year of birth and the corresponding animal sign in the zodiac, we can then find out which other animal signs are congenial with us. There are 12 animal signs in the zodiac and each of us has 2 other animal signs that have strong affinity to combine with us to form a threesome. The following are the three harmony combination between animal signs in the Zodiac:- 1) Monkey - Rat - Dragon 2) Pig - Rabbit - Goat 3) Tiger - Horse - Dog 4) Snake - Rooster - Ox The next step is to find out which are the “Peach Blossom” or flower of romance among the 3 animal signs in the group. In each of the groups, the animal signs that are said to bring love luck are Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster.

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